Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tehuti, Osiris, Isis On Destroying Mental Boxes

Messenger Note: I have had a long absence due to many changes taken place within me. A lot was revealed in the process and many of those things, I wasn't sure it was necessary to share with others. I am learning that discernment is key and that feeding pearls to swine is not the best way by any means. But I am here now and this site shall continue cos my guides say it must continue and it is their voice I'd rather obey than any other, including my own fears and insecurities regarding my gifts. This work and mission is beyond me, I am learning. As spiritual seekers we must be willing to sacrifice our "lives" to lose it. We must be willing to die ego deaths daily and these ego deaths take many forms.

So here I am. And after another phase in my spiritual journey, I am meditating one evening using guided meditation cds when my guides, Tehuti, Osiris and Isis come through. They say to me, enough with trying so hard to please cultural sensitivities. Just let us be and let us express ourselves the way we wish, under any guise we wish and yes, even under any names we wish, for ultimately, even though we differ, we are formless and we are one.

Tehuti: Many aspects of I, Tehuti, exist. I am one with all aspects of me who have incarnated and will incarnate because I am bigger than any thought or images or boxes or concepts, just like you and all people! I am space. I am. I am. I am. I attained my I am nature a long time ago. I am. Blue flame Sirius---work with us, come together, unite under us as African people, as a global race. The sun is the center. We are the center of your world. Under our umbrella, the world shall be governed once again by us. (Big Laughs).

Isis: From now on messenger, free yourself from the labeling, the boxes. Free yourself once and for all! :) We are free beings. You are free as a being in her essence. We are beyond names or boxes or cultures. We do represent ourselves in different ways under different cultures and guises but that is just is, "represent." In our essence, we are expansive. We are intergalactic. We are multidimentional.... the absurdity of it all, placing us in mental boxes, fixing us in your trivial world of racial dynamics, cultural dynamics or whatever boxes or structures you create in your artificial world and existence. This world is shallow and is falling apart today, being removed violently it appears, but all the same it is going, going, gone, puff! Be free! You are more than matter. You are more! more! more! always more!!

Osiris: Yes Messenger, let loose of the boxes. You can call me a million and one names under many cultural attributes but it doesn't take away or change one ounce of my love for you, for humanity etc. So love is the key. Love. And yes, I am the spirit of love as well as change and transformation.I am the sun of sirius. I am the waters of sirius. Sirius is bigger than your imaginations... Sirius is here and now, is you in your essence. Think bigger already. As a people it is time to think bigger!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Uwa na eje

The Ndiiche, the Wise Ones, the ancestors, say that they represent the spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood, that they represent the spirit of the Ogene; the union of male and female, heaven and earth and much more. That they represent unity and the concept of two as one. The original ancestors came down in pairs, eight of them. They represent(ed) the spirit of ogene--the ogene is a musical instrument, thus as seen from the ogene, union creates harmony.

They appear, hovering over the earth, together with symbolic images. The first like lightening, the second like a whirlpool (in the form of a tsunami). Then something reddish and hot, like lava, begins to bubble within the earth.

They form an elders' council in a village setting. Offerings, greetings, libations, etc, are performed. They say the earth is round and we are one but time is short.

A woman. A sage. A mother. She speaks:

Anyi bu oku na mmili
We are fire and water

Anyi si oku bia
We came from fire

Anyi si mmilli bia
We came from water

Anyi si anyanwu bia
We came from the sun

Anyi si ikuku bia
We came from the wind

Anyi si ani bia
We came from the earth

Anyi bu umu Ada
We are children of the First Daughter

Anyi bu umu mmadu--mmadu bu chi e be ya
We are children of man--man is God to his fellow man

Umu'm biko, kwulie oto
My children please wake up

Gee nti

Kwulie oto, na afu uzo
Get up, and starting seeing/observing

Oge na eje..uwa ike no mbu, na aga
Time is going, the former world is going

(The beetle, crawling on the earth... What is the lesson and significance of the beetle?)

(An ancestor appears in the form of an egwugwu, masquarade. The egwugwu is dancing).

Umu'm ga anu
My children will listen/hear

Ndi nwere obi uto ga ebi ebi
Those with good hearts/sweetness of heart will live on